Home Automation

When everything in your home works together, the only limit is your imagination.

Within the residential vector, Sigmac specializes in delivering high-end home automation & AV solutions. With all sub-systems integrated, Sigmac provides the homeowners with comprehensive control over the entire space. Our aim is to enhance lifestyle through functionality, control & aesthetics.


All household systems can be locally or remotely managed via any interface device, which include:

  • Phones & Tablets
  • In Wall Touchscreens & Keypads
  • Televisions
  • Computers
  • Remotes

Specialized programs & scenes allow the user to generate a household response that can trigger systems to react collectively:
A “Goodnight Scene”, triggered though any interface, can instruct all lights to go off, curtains and drapes to close, the AC system to cool, All AV equipment to switch off, doors to lock, and more.

Sigmac provides specialized lighting control solutions to their customers.

We can work with existing lighting systems, in addition to providing & commissioning complete lighting solutions.

  • Use any interface to control your lights, locally & remotely
  • In-Wall keypads provide direct control of lights, inclusive of dimming functions
  • Trigger any customized scene instantaneously
  • Enjoy specialized LED systems that offer RGB color-changing lights for advanced scenes & ambience

Lighting Option2

Enjoy whole home audio distribution via the latest audiophile products.

Through the use of leading industry brands, we guarantee an unmatched High Fidelity audio experience.

  • Automated organization of your entire music library
  • Stream music collections directly from your phone or iPad
  • Independent Zone control allows you to play different songs in different areas
  • The latest audio form-factors integrate with existing decoration and enhance

Our AV products provide you with an integrated AV experience.

Centrally managed Video & Audio Distribution systems allow video and audio products to work in harmony, all while being tucked away neatly in a centralized location.

  • Video Sources such as Set-top boxes, apple TVs & media players are all connected to video distribution system enclosed within a rack
  • From a single remote, our customers access all their video and music content on their TVs and Projection Screens.
  • Decorative advantages are multiple: Video Sources are centralized, wiring is concealed, and remote clusters are eliminated.
  • Audio Products pair with TV systems to provide you with an interactive home theater experience.

Sigmac is a specialist in the  provision of reference grade home theater solutions.

  • Enjoy an unmatched movie  viewing experience
  • Our Media Servers provide  clients  with an interactive & organized method of accessing, viewing and playing their media.
  • We specialize in acoustical treatment, ambient lighting and industry approved  solutions that are vital in the development of private home cinemas.


As with all systems, we provide our customers with centralized control of all their security systems.

We have adopted the latest cutting edge products that aim to bring unmatched security to your home.

  • CCTV systems, remote viewing of camera footage and recordings
  • Specialized Camera systems for elderly & new born monitoring
  • Door by Door Access Control
  • Biometric & Keypad based entry, remote unlocking
  • Integrated alarm, smoke and motion detection systems


Through any interface, our customers enjoy control of all comfort systems

  • HVAC and thermostat control
  • Curtain, Blinds and Drape Control
  • Jacuzzi, Spa, Shower & Spa Control
  • Control of any motorized feature or system