The times when home theaters were synonymous with opulence are passé. Anyone with a taste in quality entertainment can proudly own a home theater.

Acoustics of a room are imperitive to a home theater experience. This is where Sigmac brings in its skills.  We take your room acoustics into account, purchase the best suited equipment and weave it all in to create the ultimate movie experience.

Sigmac customizes the perfect home entertainment setup with specialised design. In addition, we also retail high- end equipment.

Dedicated Home Theaters

Unless you get the design of the home theater right, everything else will fall flat.

Acoustic design is not something that can be worked on through equipment lists or philosophies. It deals with science and physics, and is unique to each individual space.

This is part of Sigmac’s repertoire of specialised services. Our designs are based on the principals of science. They are equipped to extract the best value from your home theater space.

Did you know that a room in itself is responsible for 80% of the sound generated in it?

Everything from walls, to floors, and ceiling contribute to the sound that is produced in a room. No matter how much equipment is put in a room, it will never attain the desired output if the room acoustics are not taken into consideration.

Sigmac provides a comprehensive acoustic strategy to minimise noise. We bring properly engineered solutions to elicit the best performance out of your home theater system.

Sigmac conducts what is arguably Indias only complete Audio and Video calibrations using the finest equipment.

Our home theater calibrations take hours, sometimes even days. It delivers the most accurate sound and visual experience your room and system will allow.